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When someone who has consumed too much alcohol passes out and you ride their unconscious body down the nearest set of stairs. Incredibly fun unless you're the one unconscious.
Elliott got really drunk at the party last night and passed out, so we went jet-skiing with him.
by mcniggleston January 17, 2012
The extremely loud reverberation in the toilet bowl after you release a massive fart while taking a shit. This usually happens when you're trying to take a quiet, stealthy dump. Comes in 2 different forms:

1: Dryfire - Easily the loudest and most boisterous of the 2. Pure farts with no fecal matter; these happen from pushing hard or being constipated. These are so loud they could be heard from 30ft away or more with crystal clear clarity.

2: Explosive - These aren't as loud, but way nastier sounding. These happen with the occasional normal shit, and are 100% bound to happen with bad diarrhea. One of the nastiest sounds on Earth, but hilarious if you manage to hear them coming form someone else.
I was walking by the men's room at Taco Bell the other day, but had to stop and listen because someone had some intense bowl reverb. I came back to my table laughing my ass off.
by mcniggleston June 08, 2011
When you're hanging out with your friends and a bunch of little kids come around and ruin the fun. Usually to annoy you and piss you off.
Man...it's like Tinkertot Town around here. When did all these kids get here?
by mcniggleston December 30, 2010
A really bad shot, throw, or pass in a sporting event. A major brick.
Taylor, quit it with the asshole shots and serve the birdie!
by mcniggleston December 30, 2010
The art of standing around with your thumb up your ass. Doing absolutely nothing at all.
Ryan, quit thumbin' around and start playing!
by mcniggleston October 16, 2013
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