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Dramameter (Dr A mamet E r) - The unit of distance traveled by the Waaambulance to reach its intended victim. Shorter distances register higher on the Dramameter.
I had to dump that girl. Her dramameter was pegged.
by McSteve July 10, 2008
Any debate of any minority in the public eye, will eventually lead to the person with an opposing opinion being labeled as anti-minority (e.g. racist, feminist) by the person that can't backup their opinion outside of feelings.
Me: You know, I really don't like the affordable care act, I'd prefer to have an actual choice in my health care.
You: But the affordable care act provides healthcare to millions of people.
Me: Well, most of those were people already enrolled in medicare programs. Do you know how many people have lost health care or have had increased premiums as a result of Affordable Care laws?
You: You're just a racist.
Me: You've invoked Steve's Law and have forfeited the argument.
by McSteve May 15, 2015

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