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A Wicked Laser is a generic name for a handheld pointer-sized diode laser that is too powerful to actually be used as a laser pointer. Typically, a laser pointer cannot be over <5mW in output power. A Wicked Laser is usually over <90mW and can burn duct tape or burst balloons. Wicked Lasers are invarioubly green in beam colour compared to the common red laser pointer. A Wicked Lasers is a gadget that is sometimes found in the company of an iPod.
David kept a powerful Wicked Laser for starpointing with his telescope whereas he used his laser pointer for exercising his cat.
by Maya Lightwave October 10, 2005
Matte Painter: a Digital Artist in the Film Industry.

A Matte Painter is a Digital Artist who creates artificial backgrounds for film and television or even for publication. At the turn of the century, Matte Painters used oils painted on glass to achieve this process. In the 21st Century the same results are achieved using computers and special editing software. This process using computers allows for much more convincing backgrounds (and occasionally foregrounds) to be rendered in much shorter periods of time. Most Matte Painters use a program called Photoshop to achieve the desired result although other programs such as Painter or Alias Wavefront may be used.

Movies like Star Wars and The Matrix and television series such as Farscape are fantasy-themed and therefore most of the artificial backgrounds used in each scene are Matte Paintings designed to convey a fantasy environment or atmosphere. This in turn may assist in selling the story to the audience.
eg 1. The production company couldn't afford to build an entire set on the backlot so they hired a Matte Painter to 'extend' the existing set and replace the missing backgrounds.

eg 2. It was overcast when they filmed the scene so a Matt Painter was employed to replace the sky plates.
by Maya Lightwave October 11, 2005
A film industry abbreviation aptly named after the McGuyver of Digital Matte Painters, Marco Nero. The artist is known to have created usable scenes and fake backgrounds for film (eg. Croc Hunter Movie) and television (eg. Farscape) using such unusual subject matter as "calamari lunch leftovers" and "smashed crab guts" and yet delivering the completed work in insanely short periods of time. To "Pull a Nero" is to successfully deliver a quality job with an impossible deadline using whatever material is at hand, no matter how unusual, obscure or inappropriate the source reference is.

"Pulling a Nero" may also involve small periods of idle procrastination prior to a speedy delivery ahead of a client's deadline.
eg. Joey managed to meet the tight deadline by working back an extra hour and Pulling A Nero.
by Maya Lightwave October 11, 2005
The character 'Chocolate Mousse' was a sensitive yet mucho black French mercenary in the 80's comedy film "Top Secret". Chocolate Mousse was often seen smoking a cigar and carrying large, inappropriate ordinance around in the film such as an 18th century ship cannon or a large oversized machine gun. In the 21st Century, Chocolate Mousse has become a cliche on internet websites such as fark and many people photoshop the character into stills from other films where he doesn't belong.
Brian was a tosser but he thought he was Chocolate Mousse around the ladies.
by Maya Lightwave October 10, 2005

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