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(n.)- A racist, derrogatory, offensive term used to describe of person of Mexican or El Salvadorian descent. Sweat meaning getting there back wet and sweaty working in the fields, coining the term "sweatback."
Dylan tried to shank us when we called him a sweatback.
by Maximus Bluntoff April 08, 2006
(n.)- Racist, derrogatory, offensive word describing a person of Ethiopian or other African-related descent.
Today at school, Thomas and Max called Jordan an ethop because he is black.
by Maximus Bluntoff April 08, 2006
(n.)- Derrogatory word used to describe one that is Catholic, or another religion that is Christian.
Jim is so crazy about his religion, what a rose ray!
by Maximus Bluntoff April 08, 2006
(n.)- a slang term for "vagina," or a female genitalia.
My mommy says she wants me to touch her whisker box.
by Maximus Bluntoff April 08, 2006
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