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Phrase used before one inadvertently says something that sounds stalkerish on Facebook.
Carter: "No stalk but I noticed you changed your quotes on your profile. I love Hunter S Thompson too!"

Jane: Okaaay.
by Maximum Carter February 26, 2010
When you message a girl, or write on her Facebook wall and she doesn't respond, yet she responds to others promptly.
"What happened to that Jennifer girl, did you add her?"
"Yeah I added her and sent a message asking her what's up too"
"What happened?"
"I got facedout man"
"Ah, bummer bro"
by Maximum Carter February 15, 2010
When you have worked online for ages staring at the screen or spent the day surfing.
I have been working online all day long, my eyes kill...I am screened out
by Maximum Carter June 08, 2010

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