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When you message a girl, or write on her Facebook wall and she doesn't respond, yet she responds to others promptly.
"What happened to that Jennifer girl, did you add her?"
"Yeah I added her and sent a message asking her what's up too"
"What happened?"
"I got facedout man"
"Ah, bummer bro"
by Maximum Carter February 15, 2010
To be completely destroyed, most commonly associated with drug use.
"Hey man you want another tab?"
"No way, I'm already completely faced out"
by Dropp March 05, 2008
(fAst'-owt) v. to be passed out or otherwise non-coherent or unconscious due to the over consumption of alcohol or illicit substances and/or from having been awake for so long from taking illicit substances that your body can no longer function awake.
See also, cracked out.
Dude, Mo drank three Tokyo Teas and no one knew she was drunk until on the way home she started barfing out the car window! When she got home she ended up faced-out on the bathroom floor.
by MoInThe415 July 01, 2005
When a person has spent so long on facebook they can't take it anymore.
"Dude how long have you been on facebook?"
"I dunno but I am faced-out"
by Mr Luva June 05, 2009
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