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A theist is one who believes in a diety. This is not to be confused with a polytheist who believes in multiple dieties, an agnostic who neither supports nor rejects the idea of a supreme diety, or an athiest who believes in no dieties. Regarding Digital Shadow who blatantly attacked theism with the pre-concieved notion that the definition of the word is a direct reference to Christianity, and automatically assumed that science has DISPROVED theism, no evidence supports your claims.
Theist: I believe in a supreme diety.
Polytheist: I believe in multiple dieties.
Agnostic: I am indifferent to the idea of one or more dieties.
Atheist: I do not believe in a diety.
Unreasonable Atheist: I often put down theists, and try to use science to my advantage although it doesn't have sufficient evidence against most religions. I also fail to recognize that science cannot PROVE anything, only give reasonably reliable laws. It only takes one fact to end an entire theory/law.
by Maximilleus March 10, 2008

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