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2 definitions by MaxN512

The irrational fear that one might actually see his or her poop before flushing the toilet.
Ann has such a severe case of crapaphobia that she once fell down and broke her arm in the bathroom while trying to frantically reach for the flusher handle.
by maxn512 July 10, 2008
6 3
A statement made when someone or something is so obviously gay that it goes without saying. Often used when replying to someone whose gaydar is malfunctioning.
Mark: My gaydar isn't working today. Is Rick gay?
Steve: Oh my god, girl, the gay is SILENT!

Al: I'm in the mood for some gay music. Got any Erasure?
Scott: You think Erasure is gay music?
Al: Duh, the gay is SILENT!

by MaxN512 April 15, 2008
8 5