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To CHOCK with laughter. Not to be confused with CHOKING.
Young Boy on MSN - "I fell down today and cut my knee on a small particle of glass"

Friend - "CHOCKING!"
by MaxCarsLad January 31, 2005
The art of sweeping one under the rug after an error or bout of self-ownage.
Boy 1 - "Haha, what an idiot. You spelt that word wrong, you are so dumm"

Boy 2 - "..'DUMM'? Sweep sweep"
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005
Can be used in conjunction with Under you go.
Boy 1 - "I just bought a new tracksuit. It is white with blue strips and has..."

Boy 2 (Interrupting) - "Hush now/Hush now, under you go"
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005
Tuning legend. Also see tork.
MR2 Owner - "Would you be able to up the boost on my turbocharger? Its currently running 1 bar of boost, and i've just got my controller set up. I need to up the boost and fit this dump valve and external wastegate, do you know how?"

Mechanic - "You'll have to speak to Red Beast, mate"
by MaxCarsLad February 15, 2005
The act where one holds a pint of alcohol in ones hand. Usually sitting down and gesturing with the other hand by raising a middle finger. Hard man pose.
Kev - *Shows picture of man in typical 'Pint in Hand' pose*

Mark Spaghetti - "Top fucking lad, pint in hand!"
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005
Deriving from the depths of the Max Power forum, "lad" is a word only to be used by the original forum members. Any n00bs who use said word will be mocked from afar, and worse.
n00b - "Alrite lads, how you doin? What a lad i am"

Older member - "You are old hat lad, a clone. Copying us, we made this word, etc.
by MaxCarsLad February 14, 2005

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