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Boiled Rabbit is the description for the psychyo girl who stalks, hunts and and will eventially try and kill you. In the classic movie "Fatal Attraction" Glen Closes charachter stalks Michael Douglas after he ends their cheating affair. She then goes to all lenghths for revenge ultimately breaking into his family's home and then taking his sons pet rabbit and boiling it in the cooking pot.
Friend: " Dude, why are you even remotely interested in her? Avoid Christy like the plague!"
Would be next victim: "why , she's nice! She's so into me..."
Friend: " Two words bro: 'BOILED RABBIT' "
Would be next victim: WOW, Ok Thanks, IM OUT. Runnin for the hills...
by Max Watts September 09, 2013
Gah- dung : The terrible sound the basketball makes after the ball hits the backboard then the rim. A humiliating sound, one will be teased, taunted and likely prison shanked by fans and family for missing the said 'easy' shot.
"I cant believe we lost yesterday. All Phil had to do is lay it in but he freakin Ga-dunged it instead and we lost at the buzzer. What a goat.
by Max Watts September 10, 2013
Sauved ( saw-ved) or Sauve. Intimidating shreiking reply to an awesome blocked shot by a hockey goalie. Used firmly when your teams' goalies makes an unbelievable save. Best used when playing a local pick up game of street hockey and the goalie wants to talk shit to the other team by yelling Sauve! after every blocked shot. The word is similar to the word "Saved" so The term is fitting. Furthermore, ultimately from Robert F. Sauvé (born June 17, 1955 in Sainte-Geneviève, Quebec) is a retired professional ice hockey goaltender, who won the William M. Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed in 1984–85.
Goalie: "I was sauving pucks left and right against those dudes, they were nowhere on me for goals."

Announcer: " Here comes Anderchuk one on one with Hexstall, shoots.. "SAUVEEEEE" , what a save!"

Friend: "Betcha 5 bucks i score here.." ( shoots )
Goalie: "SAUVE!!!" ( stops shot)
Friend: "WTF, thats obnoxious, sauve. Double or nothin?" "
by Max Watts September 06, 2013

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