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short for demoted, popular in early 90's making a comeback.
(your friend gets shot down by a girl)"Damn homey you just got moted"
by max powers March 22, 2003
a synonym for stupid, pointing out someone is remedial rather than callin them stupid ensures you look anything but remedial.
you did what? quit actin remedial
by max powers March 22, 2003
term used by elementary school dropouts to ask "who is that"
have you met larry?
who dat is?
by max powers March 22, 2003
slang for "do you know what i mean"
i kinda feel like a burrito, knawmean?
by max powers March 22, 2003
When a man receives oral sex and while he lays on his partners head he spin like a top or a drill
Sean: can I give you a root canal?
Kato: I don't have the strength to spin but I'll give you one!
#sex #oral sex #root canal #sex move #dentistry
by Max PowerS July 21, 2013
you see something you like you point it out by sayin "thaswhatimtalkinbout"
(fine girl walks by)"Damn, ThasWhaImTalkinBout"
by max powers March 22, 2003
A fat black chick. The result of combining the words "heffer" and "negro".
"Run bitch! That fuckin' hefro is gonna eat us!"
by Max Powers January 19, 2004
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