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When dating multiple loose women and an occasion arises that results in these women being together. Most often the women dont know they are all doing the same guy.
Toms party was kicking until Libby, Julie and Karen showed up. Tom had serious Hoe Overflow!
by Max Pontiac February 12, 2007
The act of menstrating heavily. The start of menstration.
Husband: " Honey lets go out on the town?"

Wife:" Im all crampy and just want to lay here, I don't want flowmotion"
by Max Pontiac February 12, 2007
Restroom term for diarrhea. If number one is urinate and number two is defecate than number 3 is both at the same time.

Pissing out your butt.

Hershey squirts.
I had number 3 all morning after a night of drinking draft beer!
by Max Pontiac December 20, 2006
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