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when a girl has her period and it hurts a lot.
me: wow i'm feeling quite crampy today.
meaghan: me too. however, i am cramping up. it means the same thing but is in verb form as opposed to adjective form.

two in one
by maria March 03, 2004
An alcoholic drink that has been left unfinished. Multiple are often left by a person wishing to be recognized for drinking more than they are capable.
1. Who left this crampy last night?

2. Were there many beers left from the party? Nah just a heap of crampy's.

3. Where did your drink go? I crampy'd it.

4. Looks like we had a cramp at the party.
by Jack Star December 11, 2006
a dope word that jenna says instead of "cramps"
"aw i have such bad crampies"
by JHoez October 16, 2008

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