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Deante is the definition of a loyal young man.he loves his mother and any wonan he loves has to love him as his mom does.he is athletic competitive, handsome very attractive all the the ladies wants to be his girl, but he is very particular in who he dates.

almost always wins at every thing he does, very intelligent and good with numbers.vry fashionable. The perfect son, the perfect man. His dreams and aspirations will take him far in life he will be successful in life

If ur looking for the perfect man u need a Deante..he is the center of attention at all times his friends look up to him. So if ur looking for a good friend Deante wld be the best friend to have..
If u have a son who loves u and tajes the role of the man of the house u must have a Deante.. You want ur daughter to dump her looser boyfriend and h
Get a Deante..
by strong sexy smart superstar November 20, 2014
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