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Australian slang for being too inebriated (drunk,tanked,etc...) to get an erection.
"Jeeze Mate, I could a shagged that sheila last night but got the Fosters Flop at the last minute"

"Fair dinkum, that's a worry!"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
Slang for popular Australian Holden car Commodore which is driven by every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the continent. Technological dinosaur and commonly know to be a complete bucket of shite.
"Mum's home with the shopping, can you help her get it out of the Conformidore...."
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
Offensive slang for a homosexual male. Derived from the act of bending over in the preparation of receiving.
"Your moustache looks like a benders moustache"

"Why thank-you!!!"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
Speed addict slang for methamphetamine Speed.
"Where can I score some rev, I'm climbing the walls ."
"Try the parklands mens toilet block, you hopped up sore on the ass of society"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
A party trick performed with the male genitalia, specifically where the testicle(s) are stretched tight against the abdomen to resemble the said object.
"Look at that brilliantly performed Easter Egg. Five stars!!!!"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
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