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A weapon from a more civilized time. It is essentially a beam of light focused through a crystal so pure that it gives the beam mass and It is able to cut through solid objects. If 2 lightsabers connect in a duel they will repel each other because all crystals are of the same composition even if they come from different regions of the universe. It is contained in the hilt created by the user or padawan as they are called and they are usually patterned after the padawan's master's hilt to show respect.
My lightsaber holding an amber crystal was a vivid yellow color
by Maulinator9 April 07, 2004
The worlds greates basketball player next to Larry Bird and David Robinson. Short for Michal Jordan
M.J. is the man
by Maulinator9 April 08, 2004
To send a block into another persons modem so the person tring to find your IP or back-hack you and fry or ferrit you. The great Geoofry "Grooter" Maggelln created the spike and so far there is no way to stop it by any known means of security.
I spiked those slug heads tring to ferret me
by Maulinator9 April 08, 2004
A person decended from a high lineage from the Conferderate Era and is a very noble person. He belives in all things With an Engine and bullets.
Jack is a Red Neck and uses a 12-gague
by Maulinator9 April 08, 2004
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