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3 definitions by Mattypoo

A combination of poop, pee, and gas. Pretty self-explanitory. Also used in a sentence when the situation is getting awkward.
1. Dude, did you just poopfartpee? that is incredible
2. Adam:"hey man... i had sex with your sister"
Matt:"what the hell man"
Third friend:"poopfartpee man, dont worry about it"
by Mattypoo January 18, 2006
A form of the watersport boogering mainly recognized by its brutal outcome and bloody injuries. Two people booger behind a boat at a high speed and punch eachother with the goal of stayin up on their board and knocking the other into the glistening blue surface of shame (also known as water)
"Lets battle booger, im sick of doing freestyle"
"Dude i can beat your ass at battle boogering"
by Mattypoo January 18, 2006
A sport created for water sport fanatics who enjoyed wake boarding and kneeboarding and wanted a more open experience with no straps. First performed on Geist Lake with a boogie board instead of a wakeboard.
"That kid is a pro at boogering.. he really knows how to maneuver that board"
by Mattypoo January 18, 2006