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Neglecting an online video game to respond to a text message. This is most lethal in the combination of a new girlfriend and online shooter games such as Call of Duty 2.
Matt - (noticing his cousin’s Call of Duty character standing like a statue in an open field): “Dude, what’s John doing? He’s gonna get sniped any second.”
Sean: Probably suicide texting. I think Jenna’s in town.

Sean - (watching John get blown away): Aaannnddd he’s down.

Matt: Newb.
#text #texting #suicide #gaming #girlfriend
by Mattydreads1 January 04, 2010
adjective: Angry

When a person is pushed past the point of extreme anger - because nothing in the world is working as it should - to the point where all the person can do is hop around, yell, urinate on the floor, and throw feces.
Vernon: Hey man, what's up?

Matt: Work is sucking the soul out of me, my computer just got the blue screen of death, the stock market crashed again, and I just bit my tongue. My blueberry yogurt in the fridge is the only good thing in my life.

Vernon: Natalie just ate it.

Matt: I'm so monkey-pissed right now.
#angry #pissed #monkey #frustrated #livid
by Mattydreads1 May 06, 2010
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