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3 definitions by Matty Jo Jo

To perform oral sex on a woman.
Dude, I chowed Molly's box for 2 hours last night, and my jaw hurts, but I like the pain because it reminds of where it came from.

Dude, first date? I wonder if you'll chow box.
by Matty Jo Jo September 29, 2006
57 13
something to eat, a time when you realize your shit is starving.
Damn dog, I'm a fitting to bust up out, my shit is honegree -- I'm a get my motherfucking eat on.
by Matty Jo Jo September 29, 2006
7 14
Someone who rubs you the wrong way, is being difficult or argumentative out of boredom.
Guy A: Geez don't you hate it when you're getting off an elevator and people start walking in to get on before you get off, how rude.

Guy B: Oh, that doesn't bother me.

Guy C: what a fucking mealy mouth

by Matty Jo Jo September 29, 2006
13 105