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A phrase to describe past goodtimes or fun experiences in the past had by people, this phrase originated in Ilion, NY from and individual attending IHS known as Oatmeal.
“Yo Matt, remember when we mailed Russell that Russian mail order groom?.....yeah...goodtimes-goodtimes.”
by Matto April 25, 2005
<i> n. </I>

1.One who practices vagatarianism.
2.A carnivore of the female's sex organs.
3.A playa.
He's so hot right now; he's a vagitarian.
by Matto July 22, 2003
stupid ass retard who doesn't know what is goin on in the world, only cares about his truck and huntin dogs, and one who thinks the south ALMOST won the civil war.
rednecks are stupid
by MATTO April 13, 2004
its a word short for STUPID
get the hell away from me stu
by MATTO July 30, 2004
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