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The internet. So called because it is the 'electronic frontier' not quite under the jurisdiction of any one government, where everyone browses at their own risk and antivirus software is a must.
There are no rules in the Fifth World, netizen.
by MatthiasFW June 12, 2007
Those ethnic groups which reside in the jurisdiction of recognized nations rather than having an independent state of their own. Fourth-world peoples are excluded from positions of power in those governments, and frequently have de facto if not de jure status as second-class citizens or worse.
The Palestinians, Kurds, and Roma are all examples of members of the Fourth World.
by MatthiasFW June 12, 2007
The seductive pose assumed by a woman who would otherwise be topless except for covering her breasts with her hands. Often used as a 'substitute' for swimwear or lingerie or in photos of topless models without too great a risk of being censored.

Can also be applied to men with manboobs who assume the same position.
Adult magazine covers with handboobs are a real tease.
by MatthiasFW April 05, 2007
A list of things you're not allowed to do. Popularized by a website made by a military personnel listing all the things he was no longer allowed to do in the military.
The first rule on Fight Club's skippy list is "you're not allowed to talk about Fight Club".
by MatthiasFW December 23, 2007
A portmanteau of correct and rectify.

To correctify something means to obsessively nitpick over details which in the pointy-headed purist's mind are so torturously annoying that he can't help but speak up about it. The significance of such details, however, is pure truthiness.

A behavior commonly associated with period nazis in the SCA and other medieval-recreation societies and LARPs.
Madus as they are used in the Amtgard LARP are hardly recognizable as "actual" madus, yet you'll often see players correctifying each other about what "real" madus should look like.
by MatthiasFW April 22, 2008
(usually plural, ie bikini flails)

The chest of a very well-endowed and skimpily dressed woman, who looks like she could slap you unconscious with them.
I asked Maureen for a closer look at her rack, but she knocked me out with her bikini flails.
by MatthiasFW September 29, 2006
A method of semi-permanently giving something away to someone while reserving your right to ask for it back later if you change your mind.
I gave my first mp3 player to Jim on extended loan, but since my new mp3 player got stolen, I was able to ask for the old one back.
by MatthiasFW August 05, 2007
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