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Synonyms: loaded, drunk, hosed,fucked, gooned

To be under the influence of EtOH, better known as ethyl alcohol, the drinking alcohol.
After going to the party, we were all so trashed because of drinking a bubba each, we decided to sleep in the street.
by Matthew Wiebe December 12, 2003
A trippy psychedelic philosophical term, discussion or idea.
That was totally psychedelsophical!
by Matthew Wiebe January 18, 2004
It's a combination of Splendid and Fantastic. General usage acceptable to express feelings of great splendor and fantasy
I feel absolutely splendific today!
by Matthew Wiebe December 30, 2003
An extra large can of beer sold in Canada by Molson
We grabbed a bubba from the liquor store
by Matthew Wiebe November 20, 2003

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