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1.A man's origin and source of supreme power
2.Superman is to sun, and man is to testicals, yet it is as superman is to kryptonite as man is to testicals
3.A man's power and weakness
4.Ball's of nerves, very sensitive to the touch, very agrivating to the tap, very nausiating to the punch, and death to whoever kicks them.
First guy:Wow! Jerry got premoted.

Second guy: The guy must have some pretty strong testicals. (balls)

by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
Adj. DEscribing one's personally affections towards another being, or animal, or item (animal, and item people are freaks).

V. A sexy way in which walking to a destination(walking like the Beejees)
"Tommy BowChickaWahWah!'ed all the way to the meat market, feeling snappy with his knew leather jacket"
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
To be severely beaten, defeated, eliminated, or Roundhouse kicked to the point of death.
Whoa! Billy just got Chucked by his mom!
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
To have an extostential ammount of either, Ethnicities, Races, Species, a large ammount of asian fear of shit cumming (yes, cumming) out of your gludius maximus. (also known as your ass)

Holy shit! Zach been going Zarcho Phrabic Cowism Mcrapism Alienism Judism Asian Phobia Of Poop on us!
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
Desgusting to the point of suicide

(goes well with krumpets)
"Philly almost commited a crazy suicide, by jumping into a pool of razor blades covered in lemon juice and tears!"

"all because of English Tea!!!"
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
A way of suicide by which means neccisary, puting a large red lobster down ones pants, along with a king crap, shooting both blindfolded, calling in a order to Mr. Gatti's (large cheese pizza, with 2 liter Dr pepper) while simultaniously falling off of a 384 ft. cliff in the pacific ocean, while choking to death on your own feical matter.
If you don't do all of these exactly right, you havn't gone so far as to Zach yourself
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007
water mixed with burger, covered in grease, with a side of souls.
*drives up to death*

"could i get a large whataburger?"

"anythign else with that ma'am?"

"i'm sorry, did you say ma'am? i'm a Mr."

"oh, i'm sorry. i just didn't think it would matter when you die"

"you're right, yes. that would be all"

"that will be $2.75, drive up... now"
by Matthew Quick November 09, 2007

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