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discriptive phrase emphasizing the fact or portraying the feeling of when one has feces waiting to be discharged from the anal cavity.

Etymology: (Middle English)-
orginating from the Mayflower voyage to America and derived in the pilgrims' poor dietary habits yielding frequent diarrheal evacuations which lead to the cautinary call of 'crap of deck!'
"i got a 'crap on deck' that could choke a donkey"
by Matthew December 08, 2003
A young cumguzzling metrosexual, often employed at places like Starbucks or the local art museum.
That's a nice new scarf you have there, ShitBitch!
by Matthew January 30, 2004
the aftermath of a massive sugar or caffeine rush. signs include headache, rapid blured memory, slow reflexes and movement
"I drank too much root beer and woke up with a slothover"
by matthew February 14, 2005
: A discriptive phrase accentuating the fact or portraying the feeling when one has feces waiting to be discharged from the anus.
"i got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey"
by Matthew December 08, 2003
1. sketchy; shady
2. confusing or bewildering
1. He engiminously slid through the shadows.

2. this is quite the engiminous situation youve gotten yourself into.
by Matthew December 18, 2002
What Saddam Hussein tells Qusay to do whilst he is rapping
Check me while I babylon. Pump up the bass Qusay
by Matthew December 22, 2003
HIGH-lar-i-us (adj): A particularly clever yet unpretentious joke or situation which does not readily present itself as humorous absent higher intellectual processing. The rare occurrence where a British-style pun is actually quite funny. This definition, however, explicitly excludes esoteric, disciplinary humor such as that shared amongst PhD candidates, law-students and anyone remotely associated with the New Yorker.
1. It took me a while to realize that John Doe was actually highlarious.
2. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is neither highlarious, nor remotely funny for that matter. See: crimes against humanity.
by Matthew November 19, 2005

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