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learned from speed tv: Clag is the bits of rubber that get thrown off the tires to the side of the road outside the racing-line.
I have walked the track after a race, and they are often small specks to marble sized, and less-frequently but noticable golf-ball sized.
by Matthew May 23, 2004
1. A blatant typo, during the execution of "lmao" the fingers are set upon the incorrect keys, in fact, one too many to the left, on the right hand. This results in "knai"
hahah... that's funny! knai!... lmao*
by Matthew July 26, 2003
Tripping on LSD
I was really dosed after eating those gel-tabs.
by Matthew January 20, 2004
The most kick ass bestfriend a guy could ask for. See also "Chicklit" and "Raverzdelite"
Messing with my karebear is bad for your health.
by Matthew April 19, 2004
The nickname for Jhonen Vasquez's comic creation Johnny the Homocidal Maniac.
"What should I call him? Johnny, NNY, JTHM, him? I just can't decide.
by Matthew August 07, 2003
means matthew in hawaian
personnal name
by matthew December 26, 2003
awesome machine rated top motor 3 yrs on the run stupidly quick
by matthew August 26, 2003

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