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Narcisistic nanometric nipple narfing wee-man.
Shibby, that squirrel totally SARSed Feinstein's room.
by Matthew January 07, 2004
a father that angers easily
Man on Radio: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the underpatting?

by Matthew December 23, 2003
The choice of morons and sucm everywhare
i can't tie my own shoes but i can use aol
by Matthew December 12, 2003
Derived from the Indonesian word "ibu" used to describe a woman or house wife, shortened in Indonesian to "bu" in intimate relationships. In English "bu" is used by a male to describe his girlfriend or significant other.
Bu, can you get a Mountain Dew out of the refridgerator for me?
by Matthew October 17, 2004
something an administrator would yell to a group of hormonal horny kids, as to check to make sure all hands are doing what they are supposed to be doing.. and not down anybody else's pants.
they yelled hand check and all of us had to put our hands in the air
by matthew February 28, 2005
Razor Burn of the Cooch Area
Oww my vag hurts because my razor was so dull it gave me cooch burn
by matthew May 08, 2005
The world's most beautiful lady to ever exist. With a bat of her precious eyes, men faint from excessive infatuation.
I talked to Varinia on AIM this afternoon, I nearly passed out when she initiated the video chat.
by Matthew December 08, 2004
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