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The greatest right-wing radio talkshow host ever. He, unlike others, is NOT a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration.
Fucktards and liberals may criticize him, but he is indeed the greatest that radio has to offer.
by Mattheus March 24, 2005
The most common racist remark made against white people, today. For some reason, the term is considered socially acceptable and is said on TV all the time.
I guess you can say cracker on TV because nobody could possibly be racist AGAINST white people!
by Mattheus June 29, 2005
A right-wing talkshow host that I typically agree with. Two problems with him though: he's a sellout bizatch and he refers to his book more than preachers refer to the bible.
Sean Hannity: "If you'll turn with me to Hannity 3:16..."
by Mattheus July 18, 2005

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