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3 definitions by Matteyt

Gay Incestuous Masturbation. It is gay because it is the same sex, it is incest because it is the same blood, and it is masturbation because it is your own body. There are only two known ways to ginsterbate: (1) Cloning yourself and having relations with it or (2) traveling time and having relations with yourself.
Identical twins cannot ginsterbate. They could have gincestuous relations but Jim and John are two different people.
a)I look forward to ginsterbation because I can experience my own love.
b)I cloned myself and ginsterbated so I could see my own O-face.
by Matteyt September 25, 2008
Gay incest. Pronounced with the emphasis on the incest because it is not about being gay, it is all about the fam.
#1: you were gay with your cousin!??!
#2: be cool, it was Gincest because it wasn't about being gay, it was all about the fam
by Matteyt October 30, 2008
a gay farmer
If you see a guy with a pitchfork, a straw hat, and pink overalls, then chances are he is a garmer
by Matteyt October 30, 2008