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The mascot of the Montreal Expos baseball team. His number is an exclamation point and he usually performs his mascotly antics in front of countless empty seats at Olympic Stadium. He is great mascot. His name is rumored to be of French origin. At one time there were rumors he was homosexual, but these are demonstratably false, since homosexual men wear stylish clothes, while Youppi wears the least stylish thing ever made, an Expos jersey. Youppi is hated by baseball commisioner Bud Selig because of Selig's jealousy of the Expos success in 1994 as compared to his own Brewers' mighty struggles.
Youppi encouraged all 12 of the Expos fans in attendance to root root root for the home team!
by Mattalonsas July 08, 2004
Slang term for Saddam Hussein, it is also his psycological state.
George W. Bush kicked Sodamn Insane's sorry little ass.
by Mattalonsas July 08, 2004
The greatest football player to have ever lived. He plays TE/FB for the Vikings. If the Vikings coaches had any brains at all they would make him part of every play (either main blocker, runner, or receiver), make him their kicker, and put him on defense. they wouldnt need him to be their punter.
Jim Kleinsasser just scored another touchdown
by Mattalonsas July 08, 2004
A bullshit term used by communist liberals to say that people that are not communsits are bad because they are "increasing socioeconomic inequality". Socioeconomic inequality IS NOT A BAD THING. True socioeconomic equality is COMMUNISM, where no matter how much you work your ass off you get the same amount of stuff as a someone who does no work at all. Socioeconomic inequality exists because some people in this world work hard, and some are lazy. People who say it is a bad thing are communists.
Most people think that socioeconomic inequality is a bad thing, when really it's not.
by Mattalonsas July 09, 2004
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