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The so called "art form” of taking really lousy pictures with an overrated overpriced, over hyped poorly made piece of crap of a camera. Such as the Holga and Diana

This "art form” also includes the spending of $60-70 on a poorly made camera, which probably has only a dollar or two worth of plastic in it. Although you could have bought a decent used 35mm SLR for the same amount of money.

The camera is so poorly made that online vendors, who are trying to sell this kind of junk, use cute fraises to put a positive twist on the cameras design flaws. Such cute fraises include...

"Soft Focus" - This basically means that the pictures look dull and blurry due to the poorly made plastic lens

"Intense Vignetting" - This means that it looks like you look the pictures through an empty tissue paper roll, again due to the poor lens.

"Unpredictable Light Leaks" - In other words, the camera is so poorly build that light gets in and ruins the film.

These pictures are often fuzzy, blurry, out of focus, dull, and poorly composed, and a general waste of film, time and money.
Friend 1 - "Hey, wanna look at these pictures I tooK?'

Friend 2 - "Sure"

Friend 2 - "Man! those pictures look like crap!"

Friend 1 - "That's not crap!... it's Lomography!"
by MattTheRed July 04, 2010

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