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August 4th - The Birthday of Iceberg Slim (1918-1992) author of "Pimp - the Story of my Life." Good day for having pimp & hoe parties.
"Happy Pimp Day, beyotch!"
by MattShizzle74 March 24, 2008
A ring a pimp wears. Usually gaudy. Often used to make a pimp-slap hurt more and maybe cut. A special kind involves 5 rings - 1 per finger and spells out "bitch" backwards - that way if the hoe don't have his money, and he slaps her "bitch" is imprinted on her cheek or forehead.
"check out my new pimp ring. It cost $1000. A whole days earnings from one of my hoes."
by MattShizzle74 March 25, 2008
Holding open the freezer door.
I couldn't afford an air conditioner so I had to crack open the freezer for ghetto air conditioning.
by MattShizzle74 February 05, 2013
A generalized term of abuse - like twatwaffle, asshat, buttmuch, etc.
"Do you see that shit this cunt-gristle has been posting in the forum?"
by MattShizzle74 March 29, 2008
1. To break down, stop working

2. To become really tired

3. To go out of business, shut down.
1. My hoopty hit the fizzle this morning. I gotta either get it fixed or get a new one

2. My shizzle hit the fizzle and I gotta go to the bizzle (I'm really tired and need to go to bed.)

3. Circuit City hit the fizzle in 2009.
by MattShizzle74 December 28, 2009
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