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When forces unknown to human kind cause a person to expel a very potent fecal gas that is so overpowering not only do innocent bystanders have to vacate the area immediately or face certain death, but the CDC would classify this incident as a Public Health Emergency. The person that expelled this fecal gas is put in a near death state and will die if not removed from the scene.
"Hey did you hear about Mel? He committed Fartricide on Tuesday. They had to Hazmat the area and rush him to the ER!!"
by MattKV July 10, 2008
Someone extremely fat. Almost to the point of their body being gelatinous. Not a term to be used for someone slightly overweight. The recipient of this word must have no more room on them to pack any more fat. They appear globe like and are easily rolled down the street.
Wow!!! That guy is Blarbulous!!!!

Dude. Your girlfriend is totally becoming Blarbulous!!
by MattKV July 10, 2008
When a bowel movement results in fecal matter covering the toilet's inner surfaces and bottom of the seat in their entirety. The action of the "Bowl Coater" results in the need for extra hygiene and a thorough toilet cleaning.
"I might not be back for some time...I sense this one's gonna be a Bowl Coater".
by MattKV July 10, 2008
An abbreviation for Deodorant.
"Hey, I'm putting on some Bodo. Be right there".

"Lester, can I borrow your Bodo?"
by MattKV July 10, 2008
Slang word for a Vagina.
"I'm gonna tenderize your veal cutlet till you scream!!!"
by MattKV July 10, 2008
A brand of breath spray.
"Dude, I think you're going to need some Binaca when you go on that date tonight..."
by MattKV July 10, 2008
Slang. Used in reference to a woman. Meaning large bodied as in voluptuous, with there being a distinction in beauty and larger body types. Normally of the worse kind. Brings to mind the words Elephant, Lumpy, and Voluptuous.
Damn! That girl is Fuhlumptuous!

She is very Fuhlumptuous.

Sarah is Fuhlumptuous.
by MattKV July 10, 2008

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