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3 definitions by MattFP

1. (n.) A man or woman trained with skills in repairing pasta, usu. with bandaliers of elbow macaroni, rotini, and rigatoni.

2. (n.) Slang. An apostrophe.
1. I cooked my rigatoni too long and now they're all splitting open.. better call the pasta repairman.

2. You abbreviate microphone like this: pasta repairman, P,H,O,N,E.
by MattFP July 03, 2005
Abbreviation for "in the beginning".
Bnyn I had five dollars, but now I only have two.
by MattFP October 09, 2005
To settle for second-best
Man we had to seckle a lot tonight... first Golden Mountain instead of Chins, and now Friendly's instead of Rita's...
by MattFP July 03, 2005