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A horrible genre of music that makes black people specifically black men look bad. The reason it is horrible is not because of the music itself but the culture that is associated with it. It is everything that is wrong with the african american community. It is one of the reasons that blacks are not doing as well as whites (not because the white man "brings us down") We bring ourselves down. It also spreads the stereotype that ALL black people listen to it, overshadowing the blacks who have varying taste in music. It is also one of the reasons that blacks (particulary males) who are educated, speak well, don't walk down the street screaming out rap songs, dress nice and are respectful of women are looked down upon by their own race and called "oreos" becasue they don't like rap. Rap may be a unique form of music that is associated with african american culture but the culture it creates is one of the worst things to happen to the black community. Oh yes, I am a BLACK guy who speaks well, dresses nice, is respectful and DOES NOT LIKE RAP.
I listen to classical music, draw in my spare time, like going to museums, appreciate fine design, reading and respecting women for who they are, not what can be done physically to them and want to be wealthy and successful in a way that does not involve drugs, basketball and rap. Because this is OPPOSITE of what rap says a black man should be, I am disrespected by my own race and called names like oreo and gay because of this, and black women don't want to be with me. And people wonder why I am sometimes pissed that I have brown skin. The reason surely isn't "The white man!"White people are nicer to me than my own race!!
by Matt2 March 24, 2007
A once great sports car manufacturer, whos cars used to be beautiful and have wonderful engines. Now their current cars: the 612 Scaglietti, 599 GTB Fiorano and F430 coupe and spider, are hideously ugly, but still have amazing engines. They were once the best sports car manufacturer in the world, now they have resorted to electronics and the title of the best sports car goes to Pagani, a manufacturer of a very rare beautiful car the Zonda F.
The Pagani Zonda F is much more exclusive, exquisite and better looking than any Ferrari. Ferraris are just for new money who want to show off they have money, so wont go for something truly unique.
by matt2 March 09, 2007
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