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One of the most gorgeous celebrities ever to walk the Earth. G-union 2 may you never say anything else.
Guy: Sarah Michelle gellar is hot

Girl: Yeah
by Matt Knight November 17, 2004
When its gone pear shaped.
Girl: Hey my apple is pear shaped

Guy: Wounded
by Matt Knight November 17, 2004
soft in the head argricultural types
"you are a wurzel, a dirty wurzel, your only happy when making hay, your dads a scarecrow, your moms a nympho, she goes ooh ah ooh ah all day" - directed at football fans in or around the vicinity of yorkshire.
by matt knight May 23, 2005
Crashed and burned, as did my shares in Shire. When it game overs basically.
Guy: Its done a shire

Girl: Yup
by Matt Knight November 17, 2004

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