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It is used to describe ones elation to an event of the highest order. For example, if one was to find:
- A plant of the finest quality herb.
- A packed bong in an empty room.
- An unattended mix.
- A free beer (preferably Australian)
- A free ride (preferably a Limo/Gemini/Datsun).
- Copius amounts of Marshmallows, cream and strawberries.
- Clean Socks.
- "This plant is Koota, check out this bud, it looks like a little man"
- "Someone left this bong packed, this cone will go down in the ages as Koota"
- "Who left the Mix? I'll smoke the mix, it'll be Koota!"
- "Free beer, thats fucking Koota. At least its not American cause that shit tastes like Water."
- "Chuck us a ride you cheap cunt" "Alright you Jenkins" "Thats Fucking Koota"
- "Marshmallows, Koota" "Cream, Koota" "Strawberries, Kootasheen"
- "Hey man, Can I put these perfectly clean comfortable socks on?" "Yes" "Koota"
#marshmallow #cone #bong #stoned #socks #beef #africa #beer #americans #australian beer
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
An individual who is regularly seen to be high on ecstacy. Not only being an avid user of the drug, they also have a tendency to be a complete dog. One is advised not to speak of or present a pill within the presence of said dog.
"You been on the dogs again?"
"Yeah mate, bloody love em"
"Fuck me, you're a pingdogger"
#dog #ping #pingers #biccies #pills #eccies #bics #bix #the dog
by Matt Erickson February 27, 2008
Not this Wednesday, but the Wednesday after.
"I'm having a shindig Wednesday"
"Oh nah, Wednesday Wednesday."
"Ahh, Wednesday Wednesday. Yeah sweet i'll be there with a slab and ho's."
#wednesday wednesday #wednesday #days of the week #week days #definately wednesday #wed wed nes nes day day wed wed nes nes day day
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
Possibly the finest area of all of Australia, it houses the most extravagent of Pubs and train stations. Its finely crafted roads and paths take you on a journey never to be forgotten. The diversity of the people is second to none and you are sure to be shivved. The greatest of living at the lowest of prices.
"Stay out of Pacco, there's too many wogs and junkies. You'll get shivved or jumped for your arse (see butt-raped)."
#pacco #hell #baghdad #terrorism #wogs #shivved
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
What all of the other definitions say. They truly are useless creatures.
"I hate emos, I want them to die. They rub their emo-ness of on cats."
#emo #die #emo-tastic #emo-fantasticalasiapacific #green shed #emo-sexual
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
A young being from the greater Shire of Moonee Valley. Often mistaken for a Gallapogas Penguin.
"Hey Patters, Oh shit its just that Gallapogas Penguin"
#patters #junk #junkie #jenkins #record collector #glen street #smashed cunt
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
Australian Rhyming slang for cash.

How much splash you got on you?

You got the splash?
#cash #splash #dosh #dollar #cheddar
by Matt Erickson June 12, 2007
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