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It is used to describe ones elation to an event of the highest order. For example, if one was to find:
- A plant of the finest quality herb.
- A packed bong in an empty room.
- An unattended mix.
- A free beer (preferably Australian)
- A free ride (preferably a Limo/Gemini/Datsun).
- Copius amounts of Marshmallows, cream and strawberries.
- Clean Socks.
- "This plant is Koota, check out this bud, it looks like a little man"
- "Someone left this bong packed, this cone will go down in the ages as Koota"
- "Who left the Mix? I'll smoke the mix, it'll be Koota!"
- "Free beer, thats fucking Koota. At least its not American cause that shit tastes like Water."
- "Chuck us a ride you cheap cunt" "Alright you Jenkins" "Thats Fucking Koota"
- "Marshmallows, Koota" "Cream, Koota" "Strawberries, Kootasheen"
- "Hey man, Can I put these perfectly clean comfortable socks on?" "Yes" "Koota"
by Matt Erickson June 11, 2007
Its a Bengali word used in New York City. It means bitch. You cna also say Kootar Batcha meaning sont of a bitch.
by NYzFiNeSt May 15, 2004
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