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Essentially a set of moving stairs which transport an individual from high ground to low ground or from low ground to high ground.

There is a commonly ignored rule of escalator etiquette which states that people are to walk on the left and stand on the right sides of the escalator. Many people ignore this rule and stand on both sides of the escalator resuling in escalator traffic jams. These jams are especially annoying when people are in a rush.

Many people believe escalators are indicatave of the laziness of the human race. Instead or walking up stairs, people insist on being effortlessly floated to the top of their staircase. This is one of the reasons among thousands, that the world is becoming so obese.
Guy: Don't take the stairs, let's take the escalator - it's less effort.
Guy 2: Yeah, but I don't want to become fat like you.

Employee: I was late because people on the escalator didn't follow the proper escalator etiquette! There was an escalator jam!
Manager: ...you're fired.
by Matt Cowan October 28, 2007
Being coherced to suck a dick because you cannot remember what a dick looks like because you have suffered severe head trauma.
Phil: Aw, poor Albert, he's been suffereing from dickmento ever since the accident.
Jake: ... uh, how do you know this?
by Matt Cowan December 05, 2007
One who has the ability to take somebody's name. This individual will often kick the person's ass before taking their name.
Reggie: My name is Reggie, I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin'-names, and WE'RE about makin' games!


Person: Reggie is the best name-taker I've ever seen!
by Matt Cowan December 05, 2007
The phrase, "Is best mail for you!" is partly responsible for the unique voice of Homestar from the website homestarrunner.com. It was originally a phrase spoken by Homestar creator Matt Chapman as a prank when he was altering the system sounds of his brother Mike's computer. He initended the sound bites to sound like a young Japanese girl. Homestar's voice resulted.
Matt: "...it was supposed to sound like this little Japanese girl so when he got mail it's like, 'is best mail for you!'".
by Matt Cowan December 04, 2007
1) To make fresh and new something that has become, or IS stale and old.

2) To reinvent something that just doesn't work.
The Legend of Zelda series has become unoriginal and needs to be febreezed.

The health care system in the United States needs to be febreezed.
by Matt Cowan October 28, 2007

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