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5 definitions by Matrixx Mage

A saying used to "tell someone off". The saying is commonly used in the place of "fuck off", or "screw off". The origins of this saying is unknown, but most associate "roll off" to be created by D. Ciot from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Person 1: dude, you got owned on your business powerpoint

Person 2: roll off man!
by Matrixx Mage June 21, 2009
61 4
A foosball player; usually someone who is talented at the game. This definition is common among foosball (table soccer) players in Canada.
Frederico Colignon is the world's best fooser.
by Matrixx Mage June 17, 2009
52 2
abv. for owned the fuck out
used in gaming and popular culture to describe oneself or another to being "badly owned"
i got otfo by my calculas test
by Matrixx Mage June 02, 2009
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Runescape gaming term, abv. for dragon dagger knock out

ddko refers to a person or character being "owned" as being ddkoed in runescape literally means a player(s) has been knocked out or killed by the dragon dagger special attack
Player: i ddkoed you noob, you dead
by Matrixx Mage June 02, 2009
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CACB - (Calm As Can Be)

CACB is a commonly used acronym for the term "Calm as can be", often used by one to to state oneself's current status.
Person 1: Yo, calm down man, ctfd
Person 2: dont worry, im CACB
by Matrixx Mage March 18, 2010
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