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A massive fart. So named because you must lift up one of your legs to properly release the pressure.
Guy1: "Where did you go?"

Guy2: "I went into the bathroom to release a massive leg-lifter"

Guy1: "Good thing you went into the other room"
#fart #barking skunk spider #ripping one #tooting #passing gas #breaking wind
by Mathius_Dragoon March 03, 2010
A fart. So named because you blame the resulting smell and sound on the fictitious spider. Most often referenced as being stepped on when the term is used.
*fart noise*
Innocent Bystander: "Oh man, what is that smell?; Did you fart?"
Guilty Party: "Ah, no, man, You must have stepped on a barking skunk spider"
#fart #toot #ripping one #pass gas #passing gas #leg-lifter
by Mathius_Dragoon March 03, 2010
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