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A Wog is anyone of Middle eastern decent, But mostly the term is used to describe Turk's. You will find 90% of Australia's Turkish population is located in Broadmeadows which is infested with them. They can be found hanging out at the Broadmeadows Shopping Center or at the broadmeadows flat's (The Bronx) trying to score. Your typical Wog will be seen wearing Tight fluro T-Shirts and Grey track suit pants and driving their little hotted up car's. A young male Wog is also referred to as a Muzza! And female wog's are referred to as hanky heads. When talking to a Wog be overcautious as their incredibly violent and most don't speak any english.
Wog's are constantly going on about their religion and respect ."Im a muslim,Respect me"
by Mathew.collins February 15, 2008

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