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Purchasing software or music or videos from Costco with the intent of burning an illegal copy, then returning the original for credit.
I couldn't afford Premier Pro, so I did a buy burn and return and got it for 50 cents. It's a rip but I don't care. They burn us on the price, so we burn them at the return counter.
by MathTeacherGuy May 11, 2008
An MIA mom is "missing in action." She is totally unavailable for her kid or teachers. MIA moms are not there on the first day of school, back to school night, open house, and can't be reached for conferences.
Marissa's mother is an MIA mom. We've called home three times and the Vice Principal even went to her apartment to try to find her. Actually, we don't know if Marissa even has a mom. Related to helicopter mom, SCUD parent.
by MathTeacherGuy May 11, 2008
A parent who shows up unexpectedly and explodes (like a SCUD missile). This can happen at school, sports, etc. Typically a SCUD parent shows up, throws a fit, and is gone again for another semester.
Jacob's got a major SCUD parent for a mom. I haven't seen her for six months and she shows up here making an ass of herself and just about ripped my head off. Related types of parents: helicopter mom, MIA mom.
by MathTeacherGuy May 11, 2008
The process of grading endless stacks of student papers by putting a check mark in the gradebook and chucking the papers into a box to be returned to students (or recycled). Check and chuck involves no realistic evaluation of student work, nor is it remotely related to teaching or educating.
Let's see, I have 185 students, and I assign 2 or 3 pieces of work every day. I get 2,000 papers a week. I look at a few, but most of them are check and chuck.
by MathTeacherGuy May 11, 2008
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