A hovering & controlling, but well-meaning, parent who gets way too involved in her child's life to the point of doing things that are completely inappropriate, such as personally attending all of little Sweetiepie's extracurricular activities, writing medium-sized Sweetiepie's school application essays, and submitting full-grown Sweetiepie's job applications.
Suzy's job interview was rendered very awkward by the fact that her helicopter mom insisted on accompanying her.

Joey moved across the country to escape his helicopter mom, but she still calls him six times a day.
by creaternity November 19, 2006
the mom who hovers over her child, especially at school. This mom is too involved. She annoys the other parents as well as the teacher(s).
I have this helicopter mom in my class. Some mornings she stays more than an hour watching over her daughter and providing unneeded supervision and advice.
by one thyme May 20, 2009

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