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When placed into words Tinika sums up all of the beauty in the world into a six letter word. Tinika is more glorious and beautiful than all of the sun rises and sun sets that have ever taken place on the planet Earth combined into a single moment in time. The stars of the universe as well as the wonders of the heavens can all be summed up into a single word known as Tinika. To understand the magnitude of the ability for Tinika to be equivalent to all of this beauty one must travel until their is no longer a beginning or end to space itself and then return back to a central point in the universe and locate a solar system known as the sol system which contains the magnificent Tinika on a planet known as Earth.
Once the Big Bang occurred in the Universe the magnificent Tinika was formed as space and time itself stood still in honor of the Tinika that was created.
by Matchmaker14 March 07, 2010

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