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Symbionese Liberation Army A gang that originated in San Francisco, but later moved to Los Angeles. Famous for the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst. They had views about urban guerilla warfare and considered themselves a revolutionary vanguard group. They committed two murders, and bank robberies, and had an intense two hour shoot out with police. This all happened from 1972-1975. The SLA no longer exists.
"That SLA shootout was intense. I saw it on the discovery channel"
#sla #symbionese #liberation #army #guerilla #urban
by Matazaron December 06, 2007
The act of walking in the path behind someone in a large group of people to avoid coming into head-on contact with other persons.
"There were sooo many pedestrians on my way to work, I had to start walk drafting a couple of times!"
#drafting #walk drafting #walk #group #large group
by Matazaron December 05, 2007
The sensation that something is coming at you while you are sleeping, usually ending up with the victim waking up and shaking uncontrollably. Can be related to sleep apnea (a real disorder) or presomination
When i tried to sleep last night, I had a major sleep attack.
#sleep #attack #apnea #presomination #atack
by Matazaron December 07, 2007
A "semi-dream" someone has when A) they are about to fall asleep and B)about to dream. These are fairly easy to wake up from and can be aborted at any time.
"When I tried to go to sleep last night, I had a wicked good PRESOMINATION."
#sleep #presomination #dreams #semi #almost
by Matazaron December 07, 2007
An acute infection of the skin, usually caused by gripping the controller too much, due to the classic game, Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy.
Dude 1: "Ever heard of Splinter Cell?"
Dude 2: "Dude, I play it so much, I have Splintercellulitis on my hands!"
#splintercell #splinter #cell #videogame #cellulitis #splintercellulitis
by Matazaron October 25, 2007
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