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Definition: The arguably main character in Arc System Works' fighting game series, Guilty Gear. Once a common man named Frederick, he undergone a series of scientific tests, and become a Gear, a race of weapons with inhuman power. He is the prototype of the Gears, so, he can't be controlled by Gear leader, Justice. Sol has also created the Outrage weapons, a series of 8 weapons with distinct powers. So far, only 3 are known: Fuuenken (Fireseal), Sol's fire sword, Fuuraiken (Thunderseal), Ky's lighning sword, and Zessen (Stopping Fans), Anji's pair of fans. In 2172 A.D, Sol joined the Sacred Order of the Holy Knights, but soon left, after growing bored, and took one of the treasures of the organization, the Fireseal Sword. This was perceived as a theft by his former fellow knight Ky Kiske, and eraned Sol his enmity. In 2180, Sol fought Justice directly, but lost, thus leading the Gear leader to discover that Sol's the prototype. Some time later a tournament is held, but it was all part of a conspiracy. Yet, Sol bests all opponents and get to fight another Gear, Testament. Defeating him, Sol finally confronts Justice again, and wains this time, destroying her forever, but reaceiving mention of the ceator of all Gears. This marks the end of the first GG game.

In Guilty Gear X, Sol discvers that another Gear is active, Dizzy. After finding her in the depths of the forest, Sol defeated her, but for unkwnown reasons, left her alive.

In Guilty Gear XX, he is now chasing a new opponent, guitarrist witch I-No, believing she can lead him to That Man. Whether he succeeded or not in the quest is unknown.

He'll be also the main character in the upcoming Guilty Gear 2: Overture, set many years after Guilty Gear 1. In this game, accompanied by Ky's half-gear son Sin, he must join forces with his long time enemy to unveil a sinister mystery.

A very crude and violent man, Sol talks the least possible, and only seems to talks about something that interests him. Not an exactly evil man, since he devoted his life to destroy the evil Gears. An anti-hero.

Opinion: Tied with Chipp Zanuff, my favorite character of the series. Sol rocks that much, and his rivalry with Ky is also great, although a little bit generic (The red vs. the blue), and he himself is a bit generic, being the red-clad dude fighting with fire. Still an awesome design.
Sol Badguy

Game Appearances

. Guilty Gear
. Guilty Gear X
. Guilty Gear XX
. Guilty Gear XX: #Reload
. Guilty Gear XX: Slash
. Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
. Guilty Gear Isuka
. Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
. Guilty Gear Judgment
. Guilty Gear Petit
. Guilty Gear Petit 2
. Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Theme Songs

. Keep Yourself Alive II
. Keep Yourself Alive (GG)
. Keep Yourself Alive 3 (GG2)
. Revelations (vs. Ky, GG)
. No Mercy (vs. Ky, GGX)
. Noontide (vs. Ky, GGXX)
. Get Down to Business (Order-Sol)
. Keep the Flag Flying (Order-Sol vs. Ky, GGXXAC)

Voice Actors

. Daisuke Ishiwatari
. Hikaru Hanada (GGXX Story Mode)
. Joji Nakata (GG2)
by MatLShini May 15, 2008
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