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The act of getting head from an old seedy woman with no teeth, who has bags of skin hanging of her face and other parts
"Rob was so desperate he went to his Grandma and got him self a sponge job, dirty fucker"
by Master Apps December 04, 2004
Whilst a women is giving you head, at the point of semenation you blow your load in one of her eyes and then stamp on her foot. Thus making her the angrey pirate, she hobbles and has one eye.
The bitch wasnt performing so i gave her a sweet dose of the angrey pirate. It was funny to see her hobble
by Master Apps August 27, 2005
What a real australian would do to somebody who was insulting them, instead of giving them the american "middle finger". The expression "taste the forks" normally accompanies the tradition two fingers, and can be repeted many times to gain desired effect. It means in true definiton Get fucked
I was walking down the street and some westie hicks drove by and one stuck his head out of the car and screamed "hey blondie youze is ugly". I was then obliged to scream "taste the forks" and erected my two fingers to them. They then got out of there car and beat me for hours, and then shoved my "forks" up my arse and ran off.
by Master Apps August 11, 2005
Its what you say when you see something that is worse than chat, and you dont wanna swear, cause that makes you a theving westie hick. Which is bad
1st Person: Hey, have you seen Britney Spear's fat stomach, due to pregnacy?
2nd Person: I have its chat, in fact fair chat even, im not gonna wank over her for at least a few days.
by Master Apps July 18, 2005
Unpimp, someone who is un cool, un fashionable, just plan boring. You would have to have been living under a rock for 50 years to be truely unpimp. The word originated in france as one pimp, but it has been used as a insult after being misuderstood by an australian. Thus creating the word, which is now used in all normal Australian households. Also see loser
El was so incrediably unpimp i had to slap her. After my amazingly pimp body touched her, she instantly realised that she was unpimp and decided to spend the rest of her days selling death sticks and re-thinking her life.
by Master Apps July 18, 2005
Actually named levi but because of his pitiful attempts to act like a ganster he has been nick-named lebro. He is also the biggest loser i have ever met
i was wandering through the school yard and levi walked into me, his gold chains and seedy bumfluf moustache waved in the wind, "watch it lebro" i said, he then picked a fight with me, which lead to me beating the crap out of him with a piece of limp garden hose, and then waxing his try hard moustache with a piece of gaffa tape.
by Master Apps August 11, 2005
The person who married the scorpion king, ie scorpion woman marrys the scorpion man ect..the rock from the mummy returns.
i saw the rock embracing his scorpion women, and it kind of made me sad that i had to kill him to regain control of anubus's army of the dead
by Master Apps August 16, 2005
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