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A game in which one friend goes up to the friendly neighborhood homophobe, slaps his ass and/or gives him a stiff credit card and screams in the gayest voice possible: Hello Sailor!

Note: it helps to add a lisp to the sailor part.
I saw the football players playing a rousing game of Hello Sailor! in the parking lot.
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
A very hot blonde chick that you dated.
In fact it was perfect until she turned into a raging sociopath and started taking offense at everything you said. Therefore killing your desire to live or even eat or sleep. Truly evil.

Note: can possibly be stopped with food and crappy music.
Everything was going so great for Alayna and I, then one day out of nowhere she kills my dogs, cats, and parents...All because I waited to give her Valentine's present after school. She had truly turned into the Blonde Devil.
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
The uncanny ability of some men to get their girlfriends to have anal with them when the girlfriend in question does not really feel like it.

Note: not counted as sodomy, just magic.
Dude, Gary, Alayna was over and I totally pulled some DoodooVoodoo and got what I was waiting for. Of course I felt bad afterwards...but I made her want it...
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
Something so ball droppingly amazing that when you take to the crapper you will find to your amazement your shit has indeed been split.
Dude, Gary, did you check out E3 '08?
The Microsoft part was shitsplitting!
I had to change pants!
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
The sometimes after effects of anal but most notoriously doodoovoodoo where the area around the butthole is purple from bruising.

Note: most likely only occurs in women....and lady boys from Thailand.

Note2: call it PBS when around elders...they'll think your smart.
Tatum: Dude after that night of doodoovoodoo with Alayna I think I might have given her Purple Butthole Syndrome...should I worry about her?

Gary:No, she'll get over it...besides, she can't see it can she?
by MassaRee July 15, 2008
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