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someone foolish, someone of little intelligence.
Bob is such a Jack Rod for telling angie what i said.
by mary November 11, 2004
North-Eastern, or Geordie, slang meaning 'come on', 'hurry up' and so on. Voice intonation specifies the exact definition, often not understood by anyone outside of the Newcastle area and thus causes much confusion for non-natives.
'Howay man!'
'Howay, we're gonna be late'
by Mary January 14, 2005
A dead-end town with scarce shopping areas or anything remotely fun and the guys are either creepy, weird guys and thugs. In addition, Jerry Falwell owns most of the town and is completely ignorant and needs to stop ripping of Christians.
Friend (who lives out-of-state): Yeah, our university party was awesome last night. What did you do last night?

Girl (lives in lynchburg): Went to Food Lion and got hit on by 2 freaks and a liberty student who talked about not being able to watch rated-R movies.
by Mary January 17, 2005
Bleach blonde, white as still can be called blonde, hair. Taken from the actual Courtney Love, who had bleach blonde, white as hell hair.
"I'm gonna courtney love my hair."
by Mary March 24, 2005
another type of plastic
silicone, plastic over all
by Mary March 14, 2004
a fuzzy red adorable monster all kids under 7 want to be when they get older
i love seasame street
by Mary April 07, 2005
the half assed way of fixing something with anything that is at hand so that it works
I didn't have all the screws to put it back together so I used african engineering to keep it from falling apart.
by Mary March 10, 2003

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