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A Syme is a person who steals every single one of their sayings from a T.V. show, and is known to use them as their own. Also known to be unkind to others and has a habit of storing "used" kleenex in their dresser drawers.
"Matthew" is such a Syme. All he does is say lines Ralph Wiggum says in The Simpsons.
by Qwert April 21, 2004
Another word for phat, awesome, wikid. Really good.
Hey man this game is some syme shit.
by Joseph Blunt May 10, 2003
A word meaning, and to be screamed at the top of your voice whilst "splashing your cash" all over a burberry bra (size 32A) which is being worn by the cleaner from work at the time.
"Yeah, she was well easy mate, I gave her a couple of Symes' in the smoking hut."
by Mr Muscle August 22, 2006
A follower; someone who wants to "fit in".
Magan started to act like a syme.
by Mary January 17, 2004
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